Dilemma is an organization of psychotherapists and counsellors working in the existential tradition. We aim to provide counselling, psychotherapy, and consultancy to the highest standards of professional competence and ethical practice.

Individual Work

Our counsellors and psychotherapists work within the existential tradition. Their training is to see the problems that their clients bring as reflecting authentic concerns about the client's world, and not as evidence of disorder or illness. 

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Good counselling and psychotherapy practice involves getting high quality supervision. Our supervisors have been recognized as trainers by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, the British Association of Counselling, the British Psychological Society, and the Royal College of Psychiatrists. 

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Executive Coaching

Need to make sure that you and your organization maintain the highest standards of effectivness? We provide coaching for managers and organizational consultancy for organizations. 

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Couple and Marital Work

Couples and families often go through difficult times, but when the difficulties get too great or too prolonged, then a new approach is often needed. Dilemma counsellors work with families and couples from an existential perspective. This means that no-one is going to be blamed for the difficulties, even if one person has previously accepted blame. It also means that the counsellor will want to focus on how family members or the couple are doing their best to make things work, not on how one or other person is messing things up.

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Developmental Disorders Assessment

Dilemma Consultancy offers assessments for Austism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder at our London offices. 

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Medico-legal Services

We are experienced in providing reports in both criminal and civil cases where the defendant or the plaintiff is suspected of having a developmental disorder.

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